Tribes RPG Newbie Guide


Welcome to Tribes RPG! This guide is designed to answer your questions and get you started playing. This explains the terms, explains character creation, and tells what to do when you first start playing.



There are four groups of classes, warrior, priest, rouge, and wizard. Each group has classes within.



Fighter- Fighters are pure fighters. Their skill goes up quickly in all fighting related skills, such as slashing, bashing, and endurance, but their magic is almost unusable.

Ranger- Rangers are similar to fighters. They are decent in most combat skills, but their archery is highest.

Paladin- Paladins are similar to fighters except they have a somewhat faster magic skill, especially defensive.

Cleric- Clerics are healers. Their defensive casting is the best of all. Clerics go up best in bludgeoning for weapons. They have a little offensive magic as well.

Druid- Druids are similar to clerics. The main difference is the offensive and defensive magic skills are more balanced.

Thief- Thieves are stealthy fighters, and excel in stealing, hiding, and backstabbing. They also have excellent dodging and good archery, but have piercing as main weapon skill.

Bard- Bards can do pretty much anything. Their skills are average all around.

Mage- Mages are pure offensive spellcasters. Defensive magic is slow, and weapon and armor skills are very slow.

The Skill System


Instead of Strength, Dexterity, and other stats guiding your character's abilities, Tribes RPG uses a skill system. All your abilities are limited by the skills. All classes can invest in all skills, but certain skills go up faster for particular classes. For example, mages have much better Offensive Casting than fighters, but do not have nearly as strong Slashing and Bludgeoning. Skills can be built up either by using abilities related to that skill or distributing skill points. You get 60 SP when you start the game, and 10 SP every time you level. Skills are capped at: (level*10)+20

You cannot go past that by either practicing skill or distributing SP.

The skills are:




To cast a spell, type either #cast spellname or #spell spellname. (They do the same thing.) The target (if needed) is the crosshair. Each spell has different casting times and recovery time. (time before you can cast another spell) For offensive spells, the higher your offensive casting, the more damage you do.






  Heal- 10 D casting- 2 Mana- Heals you. Medium cast, medium recovery.

  Advheal1- 80 D casting- 3 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, medium recovery.

  Advheal2- 110 D casting- 4 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, medium recovery.

  Advheal3- 200 D casting- 5 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, medium recovery.

  Advheal4- 320 D casting- 6 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, medium recovery.

  Advheal5- 400 D casting- 7 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  Advheal6- 500 D casting- 8 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  Godlyheal- 600 D casting- 15 Mana- Heals you or target in LOS. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  Fullheal- 750 D casting- 2 Mana- Heals you completely. Medium cast, REALLY slow recovery.

  Massheal- 850 D casting, remort level 2- 12 Mana- Heals you and all players near you. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  MassFullheal- 950 D casting, remort level 3- 200 Mana- Heals you and all players near you completely. Medium cast, insanely slow recovery.

  Shield- 20 D casting- 5 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  AdvShield1- 60 D casting- 8 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you or target in LOS. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  AdvShield2- 140 D casting- 15 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you or target in LOS. Medium cast, slow recovery.

  AdvShield3- 290 D casting- 18 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you or target in LOS. Medium cast, very slow recovery.

  AdvShield4- 420 D casting- 22 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you or target in LOS. Medium cast, very slow recovery.

  AdvShield5- 635 D casting- 25 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you or target in LOS. Medium cast, very slow recovery.

  MassShield- 680 D casting- 20 Mana- Creates a protecting magical shield around you and everyone nearby. Medium cast, very slow recovery.




Starting to play


Talking to other players is slightly different then in regular Tribes. Using regular chat (non-team) is "say". Only people near you hear the message. To talk to NPCs, (non-playing characters) use say to say a greeting, such as "hello", "hail", "hi", or similar. To reply to their message, say the keyword. (in all caps or in brackets) Team chat is "zone". This sends a message to everyone in the same zone as you, so using this in town sends a message to everyone in town with you. Typing #global in front of your message (i.e. "#global Hello everyone" instead of "Hello everyone") sends your message to all players. There is also #shout, which is like say except a longer range. #tell sends a message to a specific person that no one else can read. The syntax is #tell playername, message.

To level up, you have to get experience points, gained by killing monsters (bots) or doing quests. Leveling up improves your HP and gives you more skill points.

You join the game in Keldrin Town. The town has a bank, a merchant, a smith, an inn, and an arena to practice fighting. Your starting equipment is a pickaxe, some blue potions, some crystal blue potions and some money. The banker can hold your money, and keep items in storage for you. Money in the bank cannot be stolen by thieves. Both services are free. You can buy and sell items to the merchant, which works in a similar way to inventory station in Tribes. Click to buy or sell something, and the merchant will quote a price. If it is acceptable, click again to buy or sell the item for that price. The more of a specific item sold, the less money you get for that item, and the more of an item bought, the less the price. Selling weapons taken from slain monsters is the most common way of making money. If you go upstairs in the inn, you can sleep for a while by typing #sleep. Sleeping recovers your HP and mana faster than regular recovery. Wake up by typing #wake.

The arena is a place to practice your fighting skills and gain exp and a little cash. To go in, talk to the porter. The price is 5 coins to fight as long as you wish. When you go in the arena, you can stay on the starting area to watch fights or talk to the manager. Tell him leave if you are ready to go, or fight to join the next battle. When you fight, you are given a knife, a club, and a hatchet to fight with, but your other equipment is held for you. You wait in a separate area until the fight starts. The fights are 2 on 2, with any places not taken by human players are filled with bots. The bots adapt to the average level of human players currently fighting. Any winning players are awarded prize money. The prizes are randomly chosen from 50, 500, 1000, or 5000 coins. The top prizes are very rare. After the fight, you are taken to the top area where you can watch or talk to the manager again.

Most monsters drop rusty or damaged weapons. These function the same as their new counterparts, but less efficiently. (i.e. less damage and slower swing) To repair them, take them to the blacksmith in Keldrin Town. He will fix them for a fee. (The fee is always less than buying the same weapon new.) The smith can also smith certain items together to make a new, more powerful item. For example, smithing 3 Clubs, 5 Granite, and 5 Quartz will give you the more powerful Ogre Hammer.

The pickaxe can be used to mine various gems. To mine, swing your pickaxe at a crystal (large and purple) to get something. There are many crystals- just look in most enemy zones. Sell the gems at a merchant for various prices. This is an alternate way to make money. More mining gets you better gems more often.

The tab menu gives you a few options. You can see what level and class everyone is and which zone they are. You can cut on ignore global to have no global messages be displayed on your screen. You can see your stats and skill points here. You spend skill points here. You can also change luck mode here. (More on these later.)

Luck or LCK, in its default mode, protects your pack when you die. If you have luck, you only drop some of your things (anything equipped and cash) and your pack is protected for a while, and only you can pick it up during that time. One luck point is also taken away. If you have no luck, you drop everything and anyone (including monsters) can pick it up. Some people might give it back, but there's no guarantee. You can set in the tab menu so that instead of it protecting your pack, any blow that would kill you will miss instead at the cost of a luck point.

At level 25, you can join a House by talking to the Guildmaster in Fort Ethren. Joining a house allows you to PK and be PKed by members of other houses. The risk is not without rewards, as you get an EXP bonus that depends on the number of rank points you have. Earn more rank points by PKing members of other houses. You also get double EXP for killing a player as opposed to a bot, so joining a house gives rich rewards.
An alternate method of PKing is using the target list. Putting someone on your target list allows both of you to hurt each other, but warns the target. If you take that person off, you can no longer hurt each other.

In the Tab menu, you can create a party. In a party, if more than one member hits a monster, you get bonus party EXP. Invite a player by clicking their name in the Tab menu and selecting "Invite to party".

To start fighting monsters, go south over the bridge along the path to Keldrin Mine, the easiest dungeon. You can fight either goblins or gnolls here. The goblins are the easiest and suitable to low levels. Runts are the easiest, then Thieves, then Raiders, then Wizard. Watch out for the Wizard's spells- they can catch you by surprise! Gnolls are harder, and you might wish to leave them to level 5 or so. Pups are easiest, then Shamans, then Scavengers, then Hunters. Pups carry crystal blue potions. Goblins are found in the upper levels, to the right as you enter, and gnolls are in the lower levels, to the left. When you start out, use your pickaxe to kill one monster, then switch to their weapon, as the pickaxe is a poor weapon. If you ask a higher level, they may give you a weapon to start with. If you get hurt, you can use potions or go to town and sleep. Blue potions cure 15 hp, and crystal blue potions cure 60 hp. Use blue potions first. Energy Vials are useful for recovering mana. If you start to move slowly, you are probably overweight. Go to town and sell items or drop excess items to lower your weight.

The Stronghold is the next dungeon. It is east of town, over the water and up a big hill. You can fight orcs here. The order of difficultly is Warlock being the easiest, then Beserker, then Ravager, then Slayers. Ravagers carry blue potions. Level 10 is a suggested level to start on orcs. Ogres, the next enemy level, are hidden somewhere in the mine. The temple is the next zone. The temple is through the valley from stopping point of east town boat, then east up a hill. Fight undead here. The Elven Forest is an outdoor zone with many trees. The elves are harder than undead, but watch out for the bows! After that comes the Traveller's Den (don't fall), and then the hidden Minotaur's Lair. However, there are rumors of a hidden zone for people who have surmounted great challenges...

BIG WARNING!!! Falling can prove VERY damaging! Be careful, or you WILL die!





And so on. Note the lack of spaces.


If it still does not work, the server probably does not have the latest version. JI and PoG's server, run by the mod creator, always has the latest version- check your server's version against that one.



This guide should help you get started and enjoy Tribes RPG!

Appendix- Binding keys and running a server


Starting a non-dedicated RPG server is the same as starting a non-dedicated regular tribes server- just select the right map. (RPGmap5) Start a dedicated RPG server by selecting "dedicated" on the RPG autoloader. To set admin passwords, put this into autoexec.cs:

$AdminPassword[1] = "aaa";

$AdminPassword[2] = "bbb";

$AdminPassword[3] = "ccc";

$AdminPassword[4] = "ddd";

$AdminPassword[5] = "eee";

$loginmsg = "Login message here";

$console::logmode = 0;

Change the passwords and the login message to whatever you like. Put the file in the Tribes config folder.

Binding Keys:

Put this in your autoexec.cs folder:


bindAction(keyboard0, make, "x", TO, IDACTION_MOVEFORWARD, 1.000000);

bindCommand(Keyboard0, make, "h", TO, "postaction(2048,IDACTION_FIRE1,-0);");

bindCommand(keyboard0, make, "0", TO, "use(\"Crystal Blue Potion\");");

bindCommand(keyboard0, make, "9", TO, "remoteeval(2048, say(0, \"#cast firebomb\"));");

bindCommand(keyboard0, make, "8", TO, "remoteeval(2048, say(0, \"#steal\"));");

bindCommand(keyboard0, make, "7", TO, "remoteeval(2048, say(0, \"#cast cloud\"));");

bindCommand(keyboard0, make, "6", TO, "remoteeval(2048, say(0, \"#cast melt\"));");

The top one is autowalker. The second is autofire, which is useful for mining. The third one uses crystal blue potions. The rest do that action as if it was typed in the chat window. Change the character in quotes after "make" to whatever you like.

Have fun!


Special thanks to JeremyIrons for creating this wonderful mod!